Wide Open Bike Show

St Louis 2009

Again I would like to thank everyone one that came by and said hello , I thought the turn out was good ,

a little less of a crowd than last year . I hate to say that the R word that the news people keep

driving down or throats may be the reason  so I won't . 

We did very well with our bike nabbed second place in the Touring Street Custom ,

One of my customers from Chariots of Fire Customs Jumped me for first .

Tip of the hat to Donna and Jim for there effort .  I really wasn't that upset because

we did the powder coat on there bike .

All in all had a great first time out  ,  I would like to thank Ralph and the  WIDE OPEN Magazine  staff

for a great weekend .

Don't hesitate to contact me with any  questions you may have or if you  would like to send me some pictures

for customers bike page .

Again Thank You

Keith and Mary , Hawhawgdware.com

These are some of the pictures that we have from this years show


Donna and Jims Road Kind 


Congrats to both of you