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We are now adding bulk assortments to our line

Chrome Hardware


We have just taken on this line of chrome , stainless and Zinc  fasteners ,

which includes Harley- Davidson , Victory ,Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha , fasteners for these bikes can be ordered by replacement sets or in bulk .

Harley-Davidson can be order by the HD part number .( IE ) flat washer 5/16 chrome HD # 6016

all others send (i.e.) gas tank mount kit , switch housing kit , along with year make and model .

Send your Questions or you want lists for pricing to

We are now adding bulk assortments to our line


Contact us for pricing




We also have complete build sets , motor sets , and fittings , from

Flatheads to modern Street , and Touring .

Email at me with bike make , model , year, and what you are replacing ( transmission ,primary, etc ) for pricing .

I will ship multiple items to save you shipping .


We have all the 2007 hardware kits.

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2009  Sets are Here


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